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Solar Panel

SIL-400 HC+

Designed to outperform. Dependable, durable high-performance solar panels engineered for North American homeowners. Featuring 9-busbar technology that maximizes energy collection and conversion while high-efficiency, half-cell design improves performance and durability. The all-black design looks clean and elegant.

Solar Panel


The QCell 400 solar panel is a high-performance module with a 400 watt power output. It features a durable design with a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame and high-transparency, tempered glass for enhanced strength and reliability. The panel also has a built-in microinverter for improved energy efficiency and easy installation. With its advanced technology and impressive power output, the QCell 400 is a reliable choice for residential and commercial solar energy systems.

Solar Panel

Solar4America 410W-108

The Solar4America branded product line offers high quality, exceptional performance, and great value to our customers. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility uses industry leading equipment to optimize product performance and quality. The 410W-108 module, with half-cut cell technology, produces 410 watts with module efficiency at 21%.



The Enphase IQ8+ microinverter is a high-performance inverter designed for use with solar panels. It converts the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the panels into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used by your home or business. The IQ8+ is known for its reliability and efficiency, with a maximum efficiency of 98.5%. It also has advanced safety features and a convenient plug-and-play design for easy installation. Overall, the Enphase IQ8+ is a top choice for optimizing the performance of your solar energy system.

EV Charger


Enphase IQ EV Chargers come in multiple power levels, and are equipped with J1772 connectors for universal compatibility. The impact-resistant connectors and NEMA 4-rated enclosures make them reliable for all-weather conditions and daily use. Covered by an industry-leading warranty, they're a smarter choice for home charging.



Confused by your electric bill? Our financially savvy consultants can audit it and show you how much you can save with solar.


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Our consultants are available to provide technical and practical advice to our customers, such as how to save money.


We offer easily accessible system monitoring with regular updates gives you peace of mind about your solar investment.


See how our solar panels will blend seamlessly with your home's architecture. Our solar installers ensure both function and aesthetic appeal.

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