Battery Storage

Keep your power flowing on rainy days

Looking for a safe and reliable way to store your solar energy? Our team offers the Enphase Storage System, a smart energy solution that can keep your home running during outages. Enphase uses the safest residential battery chemistry available. With a range of options and a fail-safe system, you'll have full control of your energy whether you are starting small, going big, or growing over time.

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Storage System


The Encharge 3™ AC-coupling storage system is a comprehensive solution for energy storage. Based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry and featuring four embedded grid-forming microinverters, it has a total usable energy capacity of 3.4kWh. This system offers great flexibility, allowing you to start small and add capacity over time as needed.

Storage System


The Encharge 10™ is an AC-coupled energy storage system made up of three Encharge 3™ units and 12 built-in microinverters. It can store up to 10.1kWh of usable energy. Connect multiple systems for added backup power for your entire home. The Encharge 10™ can be easily expanded to meet your energy storage needs.

Smart Switch


The Enpower™ smart switch connects your home's grid power, Encharge storage system, and solar panels. It acts as a microgrid interconnection device (MID) by automatically switching to backup power in case of grid failure. The Enpower™ smart switch also allows you to easily manage and monitor your energy usage and control your power sources from your smartphone or tablet.



The IQ™ combiner simplifies installation by consolidating all interconnection equipment into one enclosure. It comes pre-wired for convenience. Add the Enphase communication kit to enable wireless communication between your Encharge and Enpower devices. The IQ™ combiner makes it easy to connect and manage your energy system.

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