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Solar Panel


The QCell480 solar panel is a high-performance module with a 480 watt power output, ideal for commercial solar energy systems. It features a durable design with a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and high-transparency, tempered glass for enhanced strength and reliability. The panel also has a built-in microinverter for improved energy efficiency and easy installation. With its advanced technology and impressive power output, the QCell480 is a reliable choice for any commercial solar energy project.

Solar Panel


The Rec Alpha 72 Series solar panel is an excellent choice for commercial installations. With an efficiency of 21.7% and a durable design, it offers reliable and cost-effective solar power for your business. The panel features high-quality materials and advanced technology for enhanced performance and a long lifespan. Upgrade your system with the Rec Alpha 72 and start benefiting from clean, renewable energy. Our team of experienced professionals can help you choose the right solar solution for your business and provide expert installation and maintenance services.

Power Optimizer


SolarEdge Power Optimizers are advanced devices designed to optimize the performance of solar panels in commercial solar energy systems. They maximize energy production by continuously adjusting the power output of each panel to match the optimal performance level. The Power Optimizers also have a built-in safety feature to protect against power surges, making them a reliable and safe choice for any commercial solar installation.

EV Chargers

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Using the highest quality products and workmanship, we will design and install electric vehicle charging stations to fit your business needs.

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Our consultants know the needs of businesses. Let us audit your electric bill and show you how solar can save your company money.


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We aim to provide valuable, educational experiences for our commercial customers and help them learn about the benefits of solar.


Keep your C-suite informed and reassured with our comprehensive solar monitoring system, featuring regular updates and reporting. 

Case Studies

See how our solar installations help businesses increase efficiency and save thousands on energy costs.

Momentum Engineering

Momentum Engineering Corp. (MEC) is a consulting firm specializing in accident reconstruction, forensic engineering, heavy truck safety, graphics and animation.

This client was at risk of crossing the demand threshold that would have forced them into higher utility rates.

We designed a system focused on addressing peak demand.

California Virtual Academies

California Virtual Academies are nine virtual charter schools with business agreements with the curriculum-provider K12 Inc.

The school was trying to leverage a government program that entailed more than just solar to do energy upgrades.

We worked with a network of contractor to devise energy efficient solutions of which solar was just a portion/part.

DAAKS International

Daaks International operates in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables industry within the Wholesale Trade – Nondurable Goods sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 16 years.

The client had a problem with high kWh usage all the time because they had to run freezers 24h/7d.

We created a robust system for good year-round kWh production.

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