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Residential Solar Solutions

If you own your home, you should also own a solar system that pays for itself. Investing in solar energy can provide amazing short-term and long-term benefits. We provide solutions and financing options that’ll make this investment easier than ever.

Hero Financing

The HERO Program provides financing that’s not based on credit score. Financing is approved based on your home equity and can easily be transfered to a new homeowner if you sell your home. It takes less than 2 minutes to see if your property is eligible. Find out now

Rebate Options

California Solar Initiative has rebate options that vary according to your utility territory, system design, customer class, performance and installation. To find the applicable rebate levels in your area, check the CSI Statewide Trigger Tracker and resources available through Go Solar California!

Solar tax credit

The Investment Tax Credit is a 30 percent federal tax credit for solar systems on residential (under Section 25D) and commercial (under Section 48) properties that, under current law, remains in effect through December 31, 2019. Learn more here!

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